Review for “Mother-Son(days),” preparations for Florida Dance Festival

29 May

“Mother-Son(days)” was performed April 27th and 28th, 2012 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center for the Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler, and the reviews are in! A very thorough article was written by Miguel Angel Estefan, Jr., published in Artburst Miami–the performers and I are very grateful for the coverage and the poignant interest and understanding of the piece. “Mother-Son(days)” will also be performed June 13, 2012 in Tampa, FL at the University of South Florida for the Florida Dance Festival.

Excerpt from Artburst Miami Review article:

Pioneer Winter’s Mother-Son(days) was a profound piece performed by Winter and Ana Bolt as the mother-son pair. The duet was accompanied by the live narration of Winter’s mother’s diary from when she was 17 years old, ruminating on her future about love, family, and death — and from Winter’s own diary as a 10 year old facing the death of his mother. The diary entries are almost 20 years apart and illustrated the similarities in the mother’s and son’s emotional and sometimes prophetic tenor. To use Winter’s own words, “separated by time… [the entries] reflect similar personalities, fears, and even [the] same humor.”

In less capable hands this could have easily been a maudlin and overly sentimental piece.  But Winter’s true genius is that the he created a movement landscape that, although was as abstract as the dialogue was literal, existed alongside the narration within the same tone poem. The dancing rested like a subconscious layer over the words without any literal translation yet still provoked the sense of love, loss, and humor without any sentimental manipulation. His work evidences a profound maturity in such a young creator whose talent was well matched by the incomparable stage presence, subtlety and intensity, of Bolt. Both dancers mirrored and informed each other in their separate landscapes only to join at the very end to the echoed sentiment of how Winter and his mother both really didn’t like Sundays.

Excerpt regarding performances in the Florida Dance Festival:

Dancers from across the state submit a variety of original works to Florida Dance Association for the opportunity to perform during the festival’s Florida Dances.  Five performances will be showcased including a duet by local Tampa dancers, Erin Tracy and Tina Tidwell; group work but Tallahassee-based Keisha Calderon; ballet duet by Florida Dance Theatre’s Carol Erkes from Lakeland; a duet and solo by University of Florida’s Kristin O’Neal and Greg Catelier; a duet by Miami-based choreographer Pioneer Winter and a special performance will be presented in honor of Florida State University’s Lynda Davis who will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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