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“Pioneer Winter’s Pie Solo is a raw, vulnerable performance piece that showcases his wit, sense of timing, and most importantly, his willingness to challenge himself and his audience. One of Miami’s most prolific dance artists, Winter consistently delivers thought-provoking explorations of gender and sexuality, among other human questions. This piece is no exception.” – Catherine Annie Hollingsworth, Independent Dance Journalist

“Portraying himself, Winter delivers his text in a frank, sincere tone. He neither falls on his sword, nor does he hide from the audience […] Winter’s tap dancing skills transcend performance and create a rich metaphor […] Pioneer Winter’s charismatic presence and the show’s moments of clarity and humor make for an interesting performance.” – Mia Leonin, Miami Herald/Artburst Miami

“Whatever you think of his youth, it is impossible not to climb the peaks and sink into the depths of all that Winter portrays from his quarter-century life […] In contrast to the more humorous episodes, and in a segment where artifice moves into uncomfortable reality, Winter flogs himself with a paint-mixing stick like a penitent monk of old. After apologizing for his age, his queerness, his lack of activism — among other self-professed faults — he smacks his arm with enough force to break the plank several times and then takes the remaining jagged edge of the wood and bores it into the bare flesh of his chest, leaving the visible marks of this instrument of self-flagellation. From Magdalena to penitent, the theme of the subservient sinner seeking absolution continues to echo […] Despite the many compelling and entertaining aspects that swim between projected media and live performance, the true heart of this piece lives in the interactive dialogue, when Winter shares those intimate stories, a quarter-life of defending just being ‘other.'” – Miguel Angel Estefan, Jr., Miami New Times

“[Winter] is a strong dancer moving from tap shoes to bare foot modern dance with ease. His tapping is crisp and clean with complicated rhythms. His modern dance showcases his strength and flexibility especially his back and his well-arched feet. As the Sandbox space is small and intimate, it was exciting to see a well-trained body in action up so close.” – Marj O’Neill-Butler, MiamiArtZine

“…Winter’s true genius is that the he created a movement landscape that, although was as abstract as the dialogue was literal, existed alongside the narration within the same tone poem. The dancing rested like a subconscious layer over the words without any literal translation yet still provoked the sense of love, loss, and humor without any sentimental manipulation. His work evidences a profound maturity in such a young creator…” – Miguel Angel Estefan, Jr., Artburst Miami

Mother-Son(days) choreographed by Pioneer Winter, danced exquisitely by Ana Bolt and the choreographer, made use of silence and the spoken word, fully embodying the intention of the piece through impeccable focus, line, and depth of feeling.” – Michele Kadison, Arts America

“Pioneer Winter is a funny, talented and brilliant dancer and choreographer. Plus, he has a great name!” – Neil de la Flor, Knight Arts

“…work is infused with this idea of social change however it’s not an oppressive or forced aspect…” – Neil de la Flor, Knight Arts

“Pioneer is a young up-and-coming dancer/choreographer who is not afraid to address controversial subjects…Pioneer is definitely a choreographer to watch.” – James Cubby, MiamiArtZine

“Pioneer Winter is something of a curiosity.” – Camille Lamb, Miami New Times

“…underneath the athleticism of their movement was a mocking storyline about sexuality and sexual identity […] From the beginning […] it was clear that Pioneer Winter’s work was going to be funny, and brutal […] And let’s not forget the masturbation scene […] biting humor and snappy timing.” – Annie Hollingsworth, Artburst Miami

“The punches life throws, the unavoidable pangs of pain that accompany loss, the discovery of beauty in every day’s simplicity, Winter knew how to project these aspects in a sensitive way, folding or unfolding his body, rising or laying down, in an exquisite exercise of body and mind synch.” – Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie, Performance Journalism


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