werqshop coin

Provide a common space for queer performers and drag artists to rehearse and share.
Free rehearsal space and the experiences of others.
Invest in the craft and technique of queer performers and drag artists by matching performance pay.
Continue elevating queer performance art in South Florida.

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Date of the Performance/Exhibition/Party/Gig/Event for which you're rehearsing. *
Date of the Performance/Exhibition/Party/Gig/Event for which you're rehearsing.
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1. You'll provide proof of your performance pay. Pioneer Winter Collective is not to be the sole source of performance payment. 3. You'll rehearse 1-3 times prior to performance in-studio. 4. You're open to helping others and being helped yourself by fellow artists participating in Werqshop Coin. 5. You'll send 2-5 photos of your performance, so we can prove Werqshop Coin is a meaningful experience for queer performance artists. 6. Pioneer Winter Collective will match your performance pay up to $50.00.

werqshop join


Fridays 12:00 - 2:00 pm at Miami Theater Center (in Sandbox studio to the right of the main entrance)

Werqshop Join invites individuals in the dance, drag, and queer performance community to take class with Pioneer Winter Collective. The Collective does not hold formal auditions, so this is an opportunity to take a free movement class and get a sense of the company ethos; although, there is no expectation that taking a class obligates someone to joining. Every Werqshop Join begins with warm-up, structured improvisation, static and traveling patterns, and choreography.