Ebb/Flow was presented at the Deering Estate’s boat basin as part of the SoBay Festival of the Arts. While Pioneer Winter and Marissa Nick fought on-board the canoe and with their relationship structure, they ultimately confront one another to restore their romantic focus (and footing): mutual affection became a function of stasis. The water will become a metaphor based upon the ebb and flow of romantic relationships. Can two imbalanced individuals maintain a healthy relationship? Ebb/Flow was performed 4 times throughout the opening day of the festival, three of which times were filmed with both traditional equipment and aerially. The film was later added to the Deering Estate’s installation in a 2nd floor viewing room, overlooking the boat basin.

I am a young choreographer—my experiences are not the same as my cohorts—but relationships are something you build upon from birth. Who better to represent a romantic, turbulent, sometimes comedic experience than someone who is still riding that wave?


Pictured: Marissa Nick and Pioneer Winter

Pictured: Marissa Nick and Pioneer Winter

Pictured: Marissa Nick and Pioneer Winter

Pioneer Winter between takes of “Ebb/Flow” in the SoBay Festival of the Arts at Deering Estate at Cutler.

Photography by Leo Mendez.

Courtesy of Deering Estate at Cutler.