Mother-Son(days), premiered Dec. 2011 at Miami Open Stage
Choreography: Pioneer Winter
Diary entries: Susan Winter and Pioneer Winter
Spoken Word Artist: Marie Whitman
Dancers: Ana Bolt, Pioneer Winter

Mother-Son(days) looks at the parallel lives of a mother and her son through actual diary entries composed at very different times. The mother’s diary entries are taken from when she was a teenager of seventeen years-old; the ten year-old son’s entries are taken shortly after the time of his mother’s death. Both mom and son, separated by time and terminal illness, reflect similar personalities, fears, and even some humor.

Mother-Son(days) choreographed by Pioneer Winter, danced exquisitely by Ana Bolt and the choreographer, made use of silence and the spoken word, fully embodying the intention of the piece through impeccable focus, line, and depth of feeling. Narrator Marie Whitman found just the right nuance for the journal entries that formed the backdrop of the work.” – Michele Kadison,

Mother-Son(days) at THE FIELD Miami (2012) & The Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler (2012):

Photography by Neil de la Flor (at THE FIELD Miami) and Karime Arabia (at Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler).