Choreography: Pioneer Winter
Dancers: Ana Bolt and Pioneer Winter
Spoken Word: Marie Whitman
Journal Entries: Susan Winter and Pioneer Winter

looks at the parallel lives of a mother and her son through actual diary entries composed at very different times. The mother’s diary entries are taken from when she was a teenager of seventeen years-old; the ten year-old son’s entries are taken shortly after the time of his mother’s death. Both mom and son, separated by time and terminal illness, reflect similar personalities, fears, and even some humor.

When I was around twelve years old, my dad and I were organizing some of of my mom’s things. I found a marble composition notebook, along with a few other spiral notebooks; they had song lyrics and useful aphorisms and quotes she had come across. In the marbled composition notebook, there were about two and a half months of journal entries from 1977. At that time of those entries, my mom was seventeen. I knew I needed to do something with her words, but I didn’t know what. She passed away from Lupus in 1997. I was ten when she passed away, and as a form of imposed therapy my dad had me write every night in a journal. I hated that he made me write down my feelings, so often time I would just make a list of the things I ate that day. Sometimes, however, I really opened up and would let spill out all of my thoughts and fears. With these entries and selected entries from my mom’s composition notebook, I drafted a dialogue between my mom’s seventeen year-old self and my ten  year-old self. Through this work, I was able to re-form our joint histories into a sort of abstract conversation, and finally say things we never had time to say.

Original premiere in Miami Open Stage at Little Haiti Cultural Center (2011). Other performances of Mother-Son(days) include THE FIELD Miami (2012), Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler (formerly the Miami Modern Dance Sampler) (2012), and Florida Dance Festival in Tampa (2012).

Review of Mother-Son(days) in Artburst Miami: