about the pioneer winter collective, inc.

Pioneer Winter Collective is a company of allies that democratize performance through unexpected bodies in unexpected places, producing unexpected social change - powerful stories and voices that transform the cultural landscape. Described as avant-garde, experimental, fearless, and "as diverse as Miami itself" (Miami New Times), the Collective blurs the line between physical theater and contemporary dance. In addition to critically acclaimed live performance and film works choreographed by Pioneer Winter, the Collective also produces Grass Stains, the only site-specific commissioning and mentoring project of its kind, and LEAP, which empowers art making and fosters intergenerational voices in the LGBTQ community. "Pioneer Winter’s work, what he supports, what he thinks about and the ideas he voices, speak to and for people [...] provocative in just the way you want performance to be provocative, making you think about something you hadn’t or feel for someone you hadn’t identified with before; startling, exposed, unnerving, unexpectedly loving" (The Miami Herald).

We are believers in the beauty of vulnerability and humanness.