FIU dance symposium series

the dance symposium series is an ongoing co-presentation between pioneer winter and the florida international university honors college department.

symposium #5: Fall 2019 [upcoming]

Tripping Over Physics with the Creative Process - Choreographer Adele Myers with Physics Professor Pete Markowitz 

symposium #4: november 7, 2017

Disability, Leadership, and Dance - Choreographer Karen Peterson with Disability and Advocacy Professor Diana Valle-Riestra


Symposium #3: september 29, 2016

Body as a Site for Land Politics - Choreographer/Lecturer Jenny Larsson

image002 (1).jpg

symposium #2: february 22, 2016

Passion, Passion, Passion: The Development of Flamenco as an Art Form and Its Use as Economic and Political Currency - Choreographer/Lecturer Niurca Márquez


symposium #1: november 19, 2015

Dancing My Mother's Body - Choreographer/Lecturer Tiffany 'Hanan' Madera

Dancing My Mothers Body New.jpg