Commissioned by Tigertail Productions for Fire Gods in the Garden.

Pioneer Winter presented one of four short solos performed sequentially at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on a moonlight evening celebration Wednesday, April 12 beginning at 7:30 PM.  

Hephaestus (Greek) was the Olympian god of fire (son of Zeus and Hera), metalworking, stonemasonry, architecture and sculpture. He has been credited with crafting the armor worn by Achilles and the cursed necklace of Harmonia, as well as creating of Pandora - the first woman - at the command of Zeus. Pioneer Winter embodied the duality of Hephaestus, which he found most interesting: born from power, rejected by that power, and then regaining that power. Hephaestus' being flung from Olympus (either by Zeus for intervening with his behavior, or by his mother Hera for being disabled) into water and then reborn from water and coming to power, reaching omnipotence, through fire.

U.S. Premiere: April 2017 at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Choreography and Performance: Pioneer Winter
Music: Juraj Kojs
Lighting Design: Gary Lund

live performance documentation

live performance still images

in-studio/concept still images