transplants | ana mendez

about the artist

Ana Mendez is a professional dancer and performance artist from Miami. She has been commissioned by the Adrienne Arsht Center through Miami Light Project’s Here and Now Festival, the de la Cruz Collection, Miami Art Museum, ArtCenter/South Florida, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, and Bas Fisher Invitational. In addition to being awarded a fellowship and commission through Pioneer Winter Collective’s Grass Stains site-specific initiative, she is also an artist fellow in the Artist in Residence in the Everglades program and the inaugural MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance. Mendez has performed for Dara Friedman, Natasha Tsakos, Octavio Campos, Miami Contemporary Dance Company, Circ X, Miami Theater Center, and Rosie Herrera Dance Theater. 

about the performance

Performance Date
Saturday, December 17, 2016 - 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM

The Kampong - 4013 Douglas Road, Miami, FL 33133

Choreography and Direction
Ana Mendez

Amanda Fisher, Jenna Balfe, Jennifer Martin Bermudez, Marcela Loayza Monica Lopez de Victoria, Monica Uszerowicz, Rachel Carroll, Richard Vergez, and Rick Diaz

Sound Designer
Richard Vergez

Stage Manager
Jenny Larsson

Costume Tailors
Nakia Moreno and Shanaya Bright

Wardrobe Assistant

Ceci Cristobal, CJ Cristobal, Joe Cristobal, Nancy Cristobal, Nidia Mendez

In its centennial anniversary, The Kampong, home of David and Marian Fairchild is the setting for Ana Mendez’s performance Transplants. The performance is based on Fairchild’s introduction of over 200,000 varieties of plants to the United States. The performance has been developed as a collage, mimicking the physical and delicate act of transplantation. It will also draw on the subliminal story lines found in the home’s physical characteristics and rich history. The home served as a gateway into the world outside of South Florida, represented in its many exotic trees and the Southeast Asian-inspired architecture. The performance brings together elemental properties of the home, and Fairchild’s unique relationship with nature for a day trip into the dwelling space of one of Miami’s most influential inhabitants.

live performance documentation

still images