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30 Sep

In an effort to stay connected, this will be the first e-newsletter to keep everyone updated on our progress. And feel free to contact the Pioneer Winter Collective directly.

Pioneer Winter is a 2014-2015
Miami-Dade Choreographers Fellowship recipient!

An upcoming professional development workshop for dancers and choreographers will be held in the afternoon of Saturday, October 4 – 3:00-5:00 PM. The workshop will be led by Simone Sobers and Pioneer Winter. Recommended donation is $5 for the whole sha-bang. The workshop will focus on grants for first-time applicants, with a focus on budgeting and grant writing, as well a solo festivals for dancers looking to tour.

Pioneer Winter Collective has had tremendous growth in partnerships and programming this past 3 months. This includes beginning a residency program at RIFT Blackbox Theater. RIFT was successful funded at the $10,000 level via Kickstarter in March 2014. For a complete list of supporters of RIFT, please visit the website.

It has been an amazing summer. Pioneer Winter recently started a low-residency MFA program through Jacksonville University/White Oak, and with that comes an entirely new realm of knowledge, experience, and possibilities. While at White Oak, he began working on a new solo work Rhino Boy, which looks at the gaze of the spectator, sexualization of the performer, and body dysmorphia – all through a parable of a rhino, who wishes lose his horn and walk among man. Rhino Boy  will be shared as a work-in-progress November 20-21, 2014 at RIFT.

P.S. Pioneer Winter was asked to join the faculty of Florida International University’s Honors College as an adjunct professor. Loving it!

Samantha Pazos_Audrey Murray

¿Que Pasa [En Danza], U.S.A.?, curated by Pioneer Winter, and co-produced with Jared Sharon, features an evening of premieres by Cuban-American female choreographers: Samantha Pazos (pictured), Jennifer Bermudez, Ana Miranda, and Belaxis Buil.


Special thank you to the GLBT Community Projects Fund at The Miami Foundation and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs for supporting LEAP! LEAP takes place Fridays (5:30-7:30 PM) and Saturdays (1:00-2:00 PM). All 14-18 yr old LGBT teens and their allies are welcome.


Pioneer Winter will be working with queer contemporary artists on the national level to collaborate on a new evening of queer performances and workshops, creating partnerships between local and national artists – January 2015.


Pioneer Winter Featured in Wire Magazine, Issue 23

7 Jun

View the full interview here, as well as Wire interviews with other Miami-based LGBT artists: Wire Magazine, Issue #23.2013

Live Arts LAB

27 Apr

Pioneer Winter has been awarded a scholarship by MDC Live Arts to participate in a month-long professional development intensive featuring acclaimed dancer/choreographer, Nora Chipaumire. Funded by the Knight Foundation, the Live Arts Lab seeks to nurture local performing artists  through intensive summer study alongside master level practitioners at the summit of their careers.


Pie Solo at Miami Theater Center

26 Mar

What the critics are saying about PIE SOLO:

“Portraying himself, Winter delivers his text in a frank, sincere tone. He neither falls on his sword, nor does he hide from the audience […] Winter’s tap dancing skills transcend performance and create a rich metaphor […] Pioneer Winter’s charismatic presence and the show’s moments of clarity and humor make for an interesting performance.” – Mia Leonin, Miami Herald/Artburst Miami

“Whatever you think of his youth, it is impossible not to climb the peaks and sink into the depths of all that Winter portrays from his quarter-century life […] In contrast to the more humorous episodes, and in a segment where artifice moves into uncomfortable reality, Winter flogs himself with a paint-mixing stick like a penitent monk of old. After apologizing for his age, his queerness, his lack of activism — among other self-professed faults — he smacks his arm with enough force to break the plank several times and then takes the remaining jagged edge of the wood and bores it into the bare flesh of his chest, leaving the visible marks of this instrument of self-flagellation. From Magdalena to penitent, the theme of the subservient sinner seeking absolution continues to echo […] Despite the many compelling and entertaining aspects that swim between projected media and live performance, the true heart of this piece lives in the interactive dialogue, when Winter shares those intimate stories, a quarter-life of defending just being ‘other.’” – Miguel Angel Estefan, Jr., Miami New Times

Miami Herald / Artburst Miami
Knight Arts
Miami New Times


MIAMI SHORES, February 18, 2013 — Miami Theater Center is delighted to announce the upcoming performances of Miami native Pioneer Winter’s world-premiere reinterpretation of the “one-man show,” Pie Solo. Performances, which are part of Miami Theater Center’s SandBox Series, take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, March 15 through March 30 at MTC’s SandBox space, located at 9816 NE 2nd Avenue. Tickets are $20 and group rates are available. To purchase, call 305-751-9550 or visit
Pioneer Winter calls his multimedia work Pie Solo a “quarter-life” interpretation of the classic one-man show, to which he added an updated, personal touch to engage a contemporary mature audience. “While in traditional one-man shows, the performer regales the audience with humorous anecdotes, snappy dance routines, and music, my take is slightly darker and sexual, although there are funny moments,” said Winter. “In Pie Solo, I combine anecdotes, tap and contemporary dance, and music to illustrate the story of a young performer who straddles the line between exhaustion and exhilaration.”
The work stretches definitions and perceptions, reexamining faith in religion and culture from the vantage points of sexuality, age and queerness. It draws the audience into an intimate and interactive dialogue blending humor, isolation and anecdote. A fantasy-like film sequence anchors the work, allowing Winter to explore the interplay of reality and fantasy through simultaneous projected media and live performance. “The way I use projections in the work allows me to play with the sense of reality and fantasy, that idea of multiplicity,” said Winter. Other elements of the performance include tap dancing and stripping. The performance contains adult language and nudity.
# # #
Pie Solo runs March 15, 2013 through March 30, 2013 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm. All performances are at Miami Theater Center’s SandBox, located at 9816 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL  33138. Tickets are $20 and group rates are available. Call 305-751-9550 or visit to purchase tickets. Please be advised: this performance contains nudity and adult language.
# # #

The SandBox Series, a program of MTCperformance, nurtures innovative contemporary artists by extending to them MTC’s commitment to quality, rigor, and high production values. MTC provides SandBox Series artists with a stipend, the opportunity to rehearse and present their work – an investment equivalent to 100 hours – in MTC’s SandBox, a 70-person black box performance space. In-depth individual professional support is also provided.

“A Proper Marriage/My Eyes Move You” at Miami Art Museum

26 Feb


On Thursday, February 21, 2013 A Proper Marriage/My Eyes Move You premiered as a four-part series of vignettes at the Miami Art Museum via New Work Miami 2013 initiative c/o SPRING BREAK.

A review of A Proper Marriage found in Knight Arts blog by critic Neil de la Flor:


SPRING BREAK, a nomadic artist project that creates public programming and works in concert with the artists in NWM 2013 and other Miami-based artists, brings Winter’s A Proper Marriage to MAM during their NWM residency. A Proper Marriage/My Eyes Move You comments on the perceived co-dependence of music and movement—especially live music with dance. Sheet music is attached to the backs of dancers, and the musicians follow the dancer in order to read the music and maintain the melody. Irony rests in the notion that if the dancer moves too quickly and the musician cannot keep up, the music will falter and the dancer’s own rhythm will stop. While there have been mover-musician partnerships, the vast majority of works have been developed by first creating the music and then creating the dance.

A Proper Marriage is a speculative piece that looks at the underlying properties of a dancer’s perceived dependence on composition, and the musician’s own foresight to create action from sound. The live performance overlays a film component developed jointly by Pioneer Winter and Indie Film Club Miami that explores the sporadic eye movements of musicians as they sight-read American composer Cole Porter’s “Easy to Love” and improvise in solo jam sessions.

“Working with SPRING BREAK in bringing this piece to MAM and developing the film component with Indie Film Club Miami has been a great experience. Collaboration can be very satisfying—you come to the table with certain ideas and assumptions, but with the right people, it can take a whole new direction,” says Pioneer Winter, 25.

Finalist – Miami New Times 2013 Mastermind Awards

11 Feb

Mastermind 2013 Honorable Mention: Pioneer Winter – Miami – Arts – Cultist


Film and dance? Miami native Pioneer Winter manages to combine two art forms not commonly coupled. The conceptual choreographer and filmmaker graduated from FIU Honors College with a BS in psychology and a master’s in epidemiology and biostatistics, going on to wow the art world with his work. Winter has presented his work at the Fringe Arts Festival in Scotland, the Bass Museum of Art, the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, and the Deering Estate, just to name a few.

Winter is also the only choreographer to be accepted into the Cannonball Miami/LegalArt 2012-2013 residency program for Miami-based artists, and will be a resident artist at Miami Theater Center/The Sandbox this year. Plus, Winter also helms Project LEAP, a free program for teaching teens how to change the world through art, a theme that runs through his work.

“My work utilizes social and cultural narratives — my Miami-made underpinnings — to recall and develop a sense of geo-social identity. Creating dance on film and collaborating with visual artists and other arts presenters, I provide opportunities for accessing dance without needing to worry about barriers like schedule or ticket price. I believe in promoting awareness by discussing topics ranging from HIV and health disparities to gender, ageism, and identity.”

Read on for our Q&A with Winters, mad scientists, parties, and Pina Bausch.

pioneer couple.jpg

Cultist: In first grade, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a mad scientist. Not just any scientist — a mad one. I like to think that my practice of interdisciplinary performance work and engagement of community has given me some semblance of that.

pioneer film bw.jpg

Who’s your favorite filmmaker?
Alejandro Jodorowsky for his progressiveness, and Wim Wenders for his Pina Bausch documentation.

If you had a $1 billion budget, what would be the title of your film?

Favorite thing about Miami?
It’s my home. I love everything about it. The transient lifestyle, the beaches, the emerging arts community. I am completely Miami-made and am happy to be creating here.

pioneer hanging rings.jpg

Least favorite thing about Miami?
Traffic! But that is everywhere. Even the hurricanes don’t bother me — gives us an excuse to throw a party.

Pioneer Winter to be featured on WPBT2’s “Art Loft”

4 Feb

Choreographer Pioneer Winter’s dance film “Ebb/Flow” will be featured in the debut season of “Art Loft,” WPBT2’s new weekly local art series. “Ebb/Flow” was originally performed in 2012 at the Deering Estate at Cutler, and featured two dancers engaged in a precarious pas de deux in a canoe floating on South Biscayne Bay.

Pie Solo

7 Jan

As a young queer artist, I use social and cultural narratives–my Miami-made underpinnings–to recall and reinvent my history, and develop a sense of geo-social identity.

2012 In Review

2 Jan

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

This site got about 7,700 direct referral views in 2012.

Click here to see the complete report.

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

17 Oct

“Glory Tap” (2011) has been chosen to be presented in the 2012 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival November 8-11, 2012 @ CounterPULSE. “Glory Tap” originally premiered on the 42nd anniversary of the Stonewall riots, June 28, 2011, at the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach. At the premiere, “Glory Tap” was performed live, as part of the evening-length work 42: A Stonewall Prospective, which included two other live sections, as well as the screendance “Heterodox.” Motifs include: anonymity, freedom, fear, stigma, oppression, liberation, and hypocrisy.

“Glory Tap” immediately followed a section titled “The Breach,” where three characters, representative of 1969 police officers, attack a lone dancer atop a melting bed. As two of the officers drag the dancer atop the bed away, the third officer clandestinely enters the bathroom stall–the inability to accept those who are different from us and the hypocrisy of living a life on the down-low. The persecutor becomes the persecuted.

Still image from studio documentation of “Glory Tap.” Image courtesy of Javi Geovanni.


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