Democratizing performance through the unexpected.
We are believers in the beauty of vulnerability and humanness.



Democratizing performance through the unexpected.
We are believers in the beauty of vulnerability and humanness.


“Birds of Paradise” Awarded NEFA’s national dance project production and map fund support!

Birds of Paradise is a dance-theater work directed by Pioneer Winter, enacted as a ‘tropical militia’ of queer-identifying South Florida dancers, performance artists, and designers. Motivated by the forced anonymity of queer resistance, it rejects an abridged gay history that memorializes efforts of some and erases others. Multiracial and intergenerational engagement will purge praise and protest, celebration and rage, within a shared physicality that draws imagery from military and pride marches, drag pageantry, and other radical forms of assemblage. Birds of Paradise seeks out a new mythology to gain control over both the story and rhythm by which we march - or fly. Birds of Paradise premieres October 2020 at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida.

pioneer winter collective is a dance magazine “25 to watch” for 2019!

Members of Pioneer Winter Collective from L to R - June Raven Romero, Katrina Patrarca, Lize-Lotte Pitlo, courtesy of Mitchell Zachs.

Members of Pioneer Winter Collective from L to R - June Raven Romero, Katrina Patrarca, Lize-Lotte Pitlo, courtesy of Mitchell Zachs.

Upcoming performances

Allied Bodies: jacksonville dance theatre + pioneer winter Collective

Wednesday, October 23 & Thursday, October 24 at 8 pm, Florida-based dance companies Jacksonville Dance Theatre and Pioneer Winter Collective share the stage for the first time - featuring powerful performers and provocative new works - at the Miami Dade County Auditorium.

These two evenings will feature the Miami premiere of Body, choreographed by JDT co-director Rebecca R. Levy; and two works by Pioneer Winter - the world premiere of Better, performed by JDT, and Reprise, performed by PWC.

Tickets are $15-$20 and are available on Eventbrite.

Jacksonville Dance Theatre in  Body , courtesy of Katherine Richardson.

Jacksonville Dance Theatre in Body, courtesy of Katherine Richardson.

Pioneer Winter Collective in  Reprise , courtesy of Mitchell Zachs.

Pioneer Winter Collective in Reprise, courtesy of Mitchell Zachs.



Alone Vignettes

Commissioned by the Harvey Milk Festival in Sarasota, FL.

Pioneer Winter
performed an evening of autobiographic solos and vignettes of his work, rooted in physical theatre, contemporary dance, and transmedia.

What critics have said about pioneer winter's solo work:

“Pioneer Winter’s solo is a raw, vulnerable performance piece that showcases his wit, sense of timing, and most importantly, his willingness to challenge himself and his audience. One of Miami’s most prolific dance artists, Winter consistently delivers thought-provoking explorations of gender and sexuality, among other human questions. This piece is no exception.” - Catherine Hollingsworth, Independent Dance Journalist

"Portraying himself, Winter delivers his text in a frank, sincere tone. He neither falls on his sword, nor does he hide from the audience […] Winter’s tap dancing skills transcend performance and create a rich metaphor […] Pioneer Winter’s charismatic presence and the show’s moments of clarity and humor make for an interesting performance." - Mia Leonin, Miami Herald


Commissioned by Tigertail Productions for Fire Gods in the Garden.

Pioneer Winter presented one of four short solos performed sequentially at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on a moonlight evening celebration in April 2017.  

Hephaestus (Greek) was the Olympian god of fire (son of Zeus and Hera), metalworking, stonemasonry, architecture and sculpture. He has been credited with crafting the armor worn by Achilles and the cursed necklace of Harmonia, as well as creating of Pandora - the first woman - at the command of Zeus. 

Pioneer Winter embodied the duality of Hephaestus, which he found most interesting: born from power, rejected by that power, and then regaining that power. Hephaestus' being flung from Olympus (either by Zeus for intervening with his behavior, or by his mother Hera for being disabled) into water and then reborn from water and coming to power, reaching omnipotence, through fire.


A Love to Last 13 Hours

Commissioned by Elsewhere Museum for the Miami Goes Elsewhere Residency in Greensboro, NC.

Pioneer Winter physicalizes the tensions of romance and relationships by performing the act of maintaining a heavy, precariously balanced structure from collapsing for 13 hours - in 2016, Elsewhere had also been operating in its current state for 13 years. Scenographic elements include shards of found glass and mirror from Elsewhere, display cabinets that are suspended in a perpetual state of near collapse, and a 13 hour 9 minute playlist of break-up stories gathered while in residency.

This durational work challenges the endurance of the performer by placing the body in a constant state of remaking and negotiating, as fatigue sets in over the span of 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

A Love to Last 13 Hours explores several themes. Those that surfaced in the gathering of the break-up stories include intimacy, power, responsibility, fatigue, will, surrender, and heartbreak – the performance itself is treated as a purge of these themes.


In Progress



In Progress