Dov, 'bear' in Hebrew, is a physical theater solo directed by Pioneer Winter for thirteen year-old Izzi LieberPerson, who will be performing for the first time. Dov explores Izzi's transition into young adulthood, using dance, monologue, and his prodigious basketball skills. Through the eyes of a boy who is becoming, the audience confronts their own childhood, what it means to become a dov, and the choices that make us.

Special thanks to Chaim LieberPerson and Jennifer Person for your trust and encouragment of Izzi throughout the rehearsal process - you're amazing inspirations and parents. Thank you to the MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance cohort and the MDC Live Arts team for providing the freedom to take risks, give feedback, and developing a platform for experimental theater that embraces critical discourse. Much gratitude to Miami Theater Center for providing a space to rehearse on a weekly basis.

U.S. Premiere: February 2019 at MDC Live Arts Lab
Direction and Choreography: Pioneer Winter
Collaborating Performer: Izzi LieberPerson
Production Management: Eddy Davis
Lighting Design: Ana Maria Morales
Duration: 20:00 Minutes
Sound: Voiceover recording developed collaboratively between Izzi LieberPerson and Pioneer Winter.

The development and premiere of Dov was commissioned through the support of MDC Live Arts, and presented in the inaugural season of the MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance.

live performance video documentation

live performance still images