gimp gait


GIMP GAIT is a solo for two. We worked to develop something that explores our private and public lives - how the perspective of the viewer may attempt to control or shape or have some sort of power over who we are. We have approached the work as a challenge to each other by devising benchmarks and directives that will allow for our bodies to interact naturally and without shame. We explored from the beginning how our fleshy bodies operate in tandem (surrogates to one another) without aid from a power wheelchair to facilitate gesture and the mechanics of movement. The title of this work discloses its origin: 'gimp', a slur meant to mark a weak or handicapped person and 'gait', the manner or style of a person's walk. We do not hide these from you - do you have a good view? Can you notice every part of our bodies - both the similarities and differences? This is Marjorie, and she wants you to witness her. This is Pioneer, and he is performing Marjorie's power.

GIMP GAIT was commissioned by Karen Peterson and Dancers, as an original work to be presented alongside their Miami-Lisbon Cultural Exchange.

film adaptation - video

Length: 00:05:06
Direction and Choreography:
Pioneer Winter
Director of Photography: Tabatha Mudra
Editor: Jacqueline Romano
Sound: ABI-L-ITY, soundFORMovement, the performers
Performers: Marjorie Burnett and Pioneer Winter

live performance documentation

U.S. Premiere: May 12-13, 2016 at Miami Dade County Auditorium On.Stage Black Box
Artistic direction and choreography: Pioneer Winter
Dancers: Marjorie Burnett and Pioneer Winter
Music: soundFORMovement, the performers
Production/Set Design: Special thanks to the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts for the mirrors used in this project.
Lighting Design: Gary Lund

Still Images

film festival participation